embody love

Being in love isn’t important as being love and embodying the essence at its fullest. I don’t believe anyone has all the answers like we have of ourselves. Love isn’t this esoteric , elusive god-like trait that only lives in the “special amongst” us, love is something that truly lives in us all. And it’s […]


”Beauty is not just physical” -Halle Berry I think that it was inplanted and placed inside of us at a very young age that if you didn’t have long, straight hair down your back you weren’t worthy or considered ”beautiful”. Society has placed this notion of : If you didn’t have THIS type of hair […]

“The Power of Art”

”The artist has a privilege of being in touch with his or her unconscious and this is really a gift. It is the definition of sanity. It is the definition of self realization” -Louise Burgelos Art is my therapy. Whether i am creating it or appreciating it, their is still that sense of freedom and […]


Somehow she arrived back home, to that compassionate space that was left in her heart. That place that has never left her alone. She was looking for solace, love and validation in place and people that didn’t know self-love themselves, so how did she expect to get love from anyone else if she didn’t have […]

The Power Of Words

“Words are things, You must be careful” -Maya Angelou There are so many things that i’m learning and (un) learning. Especially as i evolve and grow into a better human being and get to know myself more and more each day. Not only as a human being, but as an artist as well. Something that […]